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Outside General Counsel

In most organizations, in-house counsel plays an essential role in their operations. However, companies often times prefer not to hire in-house attorneys to perform legal services in order to rely on specialized outside attorneys, to avoid the fixed expense of legal staff or for other business reasons.  When this is the case, hiring an outside general counsel can be a strategically advantageous and  cost-effective solution.

Outside general counsel does more than assist smaller companies without legal staff. Experienced attorneys like those at Thomas H. Curran Associates can be brought in by larger enterprises with corporate law departments to help staff attorneys with their workload or outsource responsibility for a particular practice area, such as corporate transactional, litigation or restructuring  law.

An agreement for outside general counsel can provide services, guidance, or representation on a number of legal issues, including:

  • Business contracts;
  • Litigation, arbitration, and risk management;
  • Real estate purchases and commercial leases;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Capital raises via debt and equity;
  • Collections;
  • Employment matters; and
  • Intellectual property issues.

The experienced business attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates often act as outside general counsel for our clients. Our attorneys are called in when clients encounter business issues that may have legal implications to act as strategic advisors in developing a plan for addressing the issue and serve as an authorized legal representative if the matter ends up in litigation. We understand our clients’ business operations and provide thoughtful, efficient, and innovative solutions to our clients’ business and legal issues.


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