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Thomas H. Curran Associates’s real estate and transactional lawyers are deeply experienced in the intricacies and complexities of commercial and residential real estate closing representation. The Firm has represented purchasers, sellers, investors and lenders in numerous residential and commercial closings nationwide.

One of the most important responsibilities of a closing attorney is conducting the title examination. A closing attorney representing the buyer will examine the title to ensure that it allows the seller to transfer the property and whether any existing mortgages on the property must be satisfied before it is transferred. The buyer’s representative will also evaluate any restrictions, easements, or encroachments that may appear in the title. If the transaction involves a commercial loan, the lender’s attorney will provide an overview of any mortgages, liens, or judgments that must be settled before closing.

Following the title examination, the attorneys for the parties will produce a title report to the title insurance company. The title report is a written legal opinion that is necessary for the title insurance company to issue the title binder required for it to issue title insurance. Title insurance is essential for the lender because it must be sure of the priority of its lien on the property. Title insurance is sometimes optional for the buyer, but it protects the buyer’s rights to the property. As an authorized agent of a major national title insurer, First American, Thomas H. Curran Associates also offers buyers the option of purchasing their own title policy. The Firm’s lawyers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that “clean title” passes on every transaction in which the Firm is involved.

Real estate closing attorneys also coordinate all of the parties involved in the closing to ensure a prompt closing. On the closing day, the closing attorney, typically representing the lender,will be present to review the documentation and provide any necessary explanations to the party. Finally, at the close of the transaction, the closing attorney must distribute funds, conduct a final review of the documents, and issue a final opinion on the title.

The real estate attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates have decades of experience that have given them the knowledge and the skills necessary to represent and protect both buyers and sellers at closings and while conducting title examinations. Our attorneys can assist clients in closing both commercial and residential real estate transactions and ensure a smooth closing process for all parties by anticipating any issues and efficiently resolving any complications that may arise.

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