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Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

The law firm of Thomas H. Curran Associates has a sophisticated and diverse commercial real estate practice that has represented developers, lenders, purchasers, landlords, and tenants. Our experienced, practical attorneys have addressed all aspects of complex real estate transactions and are skilled in anticipating our clients’ future needs and requirements. Our lawyers can assist clients in a broad range of sophisticated acquisition, sales, development, and financing transactions.

The real estate transactional attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates offer clients a broad range of commercial real estate capabilities and regularly provide clients with guidance on the following:

  • Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions. Buyers and sellers of commercial real estate need legal guidance on the due diligence process, documenting the financial transactions, closing the sale, and investigating any issues with the title. Our attorneys help clients ensure their transactions occur efficiently and that their interests are protected.
  • Lender Representation. Loans for commercial real estate purchases can be excellent investments for lending institutions, but those loans may carry a significant risk for the lender. The experienced attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates can help lenders anticipate potential issues related to a real estate loan and assist them in resolving disputes on favorable terms.
  • Borrower Representation. Loans to finance the purchase of commercial real estate may present a number of challenges to businesses and individuals attempting to structure the transaction in the most advantageous manner possible. The lawyers with our law firm will utilize their knowledge of real estate, banking, finance, and securities law to help borrowers to negotiate an effective loan agreement.
  • Commercial Lease Negotiations. Commercial leases often run for five years or longer, and mistakes made while negotiating the lease can have a sizeable impact on the profitability of both the landlord and tenant for years to come. The real estate lawyers at Thomas H. Curran Associates provide their clients with effective representation with all aspects of the commercial lease agreement, including guidance on negotiating, drafting, and documenting the lease.
  • Closings & Title Work. While not all states mandate that an attorney be present at a real estate closing, it is usually a good idea for both parties to utilize an attorney’s services to ensure the closing proceeds smoothly and anticipate any potential problems. Our attorneys help clients close both commercial and residential real estate transactions by reviewing all of the necessary paperwork and offering guidance on how to address any omissions or problems with the documentation.

Our lawyers guide clients through the entire real estate transaction, from beginning the negotiating process to the closing. Through their strong preparation and diligence, the attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates help clients avoid potential problems that could complicate their real estate transactions and create future legal issues. A lawyer from our firm can assist clients in analyzing the specialized documents necessary for the transaction, including appraisals, financing documents, survey reports, insurance documents, title work, and zoning compliance reports.

Most real estate transactions are completed without a dispute arising between the parties, but even the most carefully crafted transaction may sometimes result in a disagreement between the parties that must be resolved. Whether they are irregularities with the transaction, a boundary dispute, title error, or zoning issues, our attorneys can help clients preserve their legal rights. Our lawyers are prepared to provide advice and representation to clients involved in almost any type of real estate dispute.

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