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Business Tort Lawyers

Thomas H. Curran Associates’s business tort lawyers have decades of experience successfully prosecuting and defending cases involving claims of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, tortious interference with contractual relations, conversion and other business tort claims.

Business torts–sometimes known as “economic torts”–are wrongful acts committed against a business. Business torts are often intentional, but sometimes they stem from recklessness or negligence that causes a financial loss.
Common business torts include the following:

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation. Making a false statement deliberately or recklessly to induce another party to enter into a contract causing injury.
  • False advertising. Distributing or selling a product that has been mislabeled or the product’s content, utility, or origin has been falsely characterized.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty. Acting in a manner that contradicts the party’s duty to another.
  • Restraint of trade. Preventing a party from conducting business as it normally would. For example, an agreement between two companies to fix prices to put a competitor out of business would be a restraint of trade.
  • Tortious interference. The unlawful and deliberate tampering with the contractual dealings of a business.
  • Theft of trade secrets. Accessing another party’s business information unlawfully to acquire an unfair competitive advantage.
  • Trade libel. Intentionally publishing false information disparaging the products or services provided by another business that causes a loss of revenue.
  • Commercial disparagement. The intentional defamation of the reputation of another business with the goal of causing harm.

The remedies available in business tort actions include awards of damages to cover losses and restraining orders or injunctions to stop the defendant’s damaging actions. In most cases, losses must be calculated with reasonable certainty.

The attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates have extensive experience in business litigation and can help clients with their business tort claims or defenses. Our attorneys are experts at proving and defeating such claims through aggressive discovery, complex legal analysis and zealous trial tactics. The Firm often works with subject matter experts in real estate, construction, professional services and other business sectors as well as experts in proving damages or other issues at trial. Thomas H. Curran Associates’s experience and expertise in this often legally complex and factually intensive business tort arena provides clients with the trusted counsel needed to prevail in business tort litigation.

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