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The attorneys at the law firm of Thomas H. Curran Associates offer their corporate clients a full range of legal representation. Our lawyers assist clients by providing advice to corporate entities of all sizes on management and operations to help their businesses grow while complying with all of their legal obligations. We aid our clients in navigating their chosen business path while minimizing their legal risk and planning for future growth.

The corporate attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates advise clients on all aspects of corporate operations, beginning with the decision as to which business structure to adopt. Our experienced business lawyers help clients determine whether a limited liability company (LLC), C corporation, S corporation, or other business structure best serves their individual needs. Additional services offered by our law firm include:

  • General Corporate Representation. The lawyers at Thomas H. Curran Associates can provide the directors and managers of corporate entities with advice on business matters and represent the company’s interests in court. An attorney with the firm can step in to provide authorized corporate representation to spare the business the expense of hiring in-house counsel.
  • Outside General Counsel. When a company lacks the resources to hire a general counsel in-house, hiring an outside general counsel can be a cost-effective, efficient alternative. Our attorneys can step in to serve as general counsel for businesses that are facing issues that may have legal implications and act as strategic advisors to develop solutions tailored to the client and represent them in litigation.
  • M&A Transactions. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are transactions often used to consolidate companies or acquire other assets. Most notable M&A transactions involve publicly traded corporations, but they may also be conducted by privately held businesses of all sizes. The experienced business lawyers at Thomas H. Curran Associates help clients with all phases of an M&A transaction by offering a pragmatic approach that allows the client to increase the value of the businesses while providing a solution that benefits all of the parties involved.
  • Equity and Debt Transactions. Companies can utilize equity or debt financing transactions to raise capital for many purposes, including funding their ongoing operations, future growth, or M&A transactions. Our attorneys help clients determine which type of financing transaction best suits the client’s needs and secure the best possible terms for their financing deal.

The business attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates provide their corporate clients with a full range of services by offering practical advice supplemented by innovative legal analysis to keep the clients’ operations running in the most efficient possible manner while complying with all of their legal obligations. Each phase of a business’s development presents its owners and managers with important choices, some of which may have long-term legal consequences. The business attorneys at Thomas H. Curran Associates are ready to help clients make those decisions in a manner that both helps their business succeed and avoids future litigation by providing actionable guidance on their corporate operations.

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